A STEAM Lesson for Home: Bugs, Butterflies, and Graphs

I’m back with more science at home fun. My daughter received at Play-doh “Make & Measure” set for her birthday and we got it out this morning. I have included an affiliate link for your convenience.

A STEAM Lesson for Home

This is a great set for ages 4-8. The kids made and decorated play-doh bugs with the six different play-doh colors, rolling pin, and stylus that were included. As we worked on making our caterpillars, butterflies, and dragonflies, we talked about the life cycle of butterflies. R had learned about them in school this year, so it was a great opportunity to share her knowledge with her little brother. (You can see her explain it on our instagram for the next 24 hours!) This set came with 3 mats, each with one side for creating graphs and measuring, and the other side for sorting and creating pictures. So, in addition to making cute little play-doh bugs, we sorted and graphed them using the different mats.

As we played, I modeled the scientific method with them. I made 8 pink dragonflies and 4 yellow caterpillars. Then I asked the kids that if I sorted them into the measuring tubes, which tube would be more full. Then we filled them, made an observation about which was more full and concluded that our hypothesis that the one with the dragonflies would be more full than the one with the caterpillars was correct. After measuring and graphing our bugs, the kids just had fun decorating the bugs and making pictures on the mats.

Obviously we did not exhaust every way to play with this set today. It includes a guide of activities that you can do, which includes sorting, measuring, graphing, creating and more. My kids love play-doh, and even though I hate cleaning it up when it inevitably gets all over my house, I have to applaud play-doh for making sets that really spark creativity and show kids that science can be fun.


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