Summer Activities: Cooking Class

Welcome to Day #3. Today is all about getting into the kitchen. Pick a simple meal you feel your kids can handle making; I went with a PB&J sandwich. Then, demonstrate making it with your kids and have them help. Talk about the ingredients and the math involved as you go. Have kids calculate how much would be needed for different numbers of servings. The great thing about this activity is that cooking a procedural. Taking a task and following a simple set of directions is a great skill. Learning to take a process and break it into steps is an even greater skill.

Then, have kids create a video of them teaching others how to make the meal, like a cooking show. I add this step for some key reasons. First of all, we learn the most when we teach others. Having to break down the process and explain it to someone else sharpens our own understanding of the process. Second, anytime we can add an element of public speaking, it’s good to do so. Public speaking is one of the number one fears, the number one fear according to some surveys, but can be critical to success in many jobs. Even getting a job usually requires an interview. If we can help our children gain confidence in their speaking ability from an early age, we have already given them a leg up in a multitude of industries.

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