About Us

Nearly seventy years ago, Randy and Mary Lou Harris started their careers in education in a small town in Texas. They moved out west to California where they taught hundreds of children and eventually raised their own.

Their daughter Jill and granddaughter Heather joined “the family business” and became teachers as well.

And that’s who we are. With a combined forty-plus years in education and growing up in a home where dinner conversations often centered around the merits of the latest educational fads, we’ve seen a lot of trends in education and know what works and what doesn’t.   We also strongly believe in the power of the arts to engage the brain and create meaningful learning experiences for people of all ages.


Heather Brandon is a high school theatre teacher in California’s Central Valley who believes the arts are the perfect learning tool for all ages. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Education with an emphasis on STEAM. When she’s not busy teaching, directing and writing, Heather is a busy wife (to a teacher) and mother of three who loves reading, history and musicals.

Jill Lynn Jackson is an elementary school teacher who passionately believes in the power of arts integration to reach all students.  She has many years of experience as a classroom teacher,  a dedicated ESL teacher and a music teacher.  Prior to that, she held support roles such as classroom aide, piano accompanist and curriculum development clerk. In her spare time, Jill enjoys time with family and friends, gardening, playing the piano, hiking, visiting museums and experiencing live music festivals.