5 Activities for the End of the Year – Elementary

The last couple weeks of school are here and we all feel it. The promise of sleeping in and hours by the pool is calling kids and teachers alike. In the meantime, we are left with hours to fill in the classroom. Here is a list of 5 activities to fill your these last days that won’t feel like a waste.

1. Have students write a letter to your next students.

By now your students are experts on being in your class, so they are in the best position to give advice to the kids who will come in next year. They can write about their favorite projects from the year, how to persevere through challenges, how they should behave, and even fun things like how to make you laugh.

2. Take time for music.

Pick a theme and learn some songs together. You can pick patriotic songs, songs about colors, songs in more than one language, songs that reinforce your curriculum in some way. Let the kids come up with movements and choreography for the songs.

3. Act out a story you read this year.

In groups of about five, assign students one of the stories you read during the year (short stories or scenes/chapters from longer books) and have them plan to act the story out for the class. This can be planned over a couple days and acted out after lunch one day. It’s even more fun if they have to make props and costumes with some simple craft supplies.

4. Take a nature walk.

Have students take a notebook a pencil and maybe some crayons and go on a nature walk around your school. Look for plants, birds, insects and more that are living and growing right on your campus. Have students draw pictures of what they see and write down their observations.

5. Take time to appreciate each other.

Create a class memory project. Start with having students draw a picture of themselves or write their name in a creative way and leave that paper on their desk. Then have the students walk rotate around to everyone else’s desk and write a positive memory or compliment for that person. The more specific these are the better – so “you’re nice” isn’t as effective as “I love how you always share your crayons with me during art.” You put these together and make a big class memory wall or mat them on construction paper and send them home.


Have more ideas for end of the year activities? Tell us about them in the comments!

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