Summer Activities: Neighborhood Nature Walk

Day #1 of the 30 Summer Days with Kids Challenge is here! Maybe you’re already on summer break, maybe it starts tomorrow or maybe you still have a week or two of school to go, but this challenge will give you an arsenal of activities for kids to fight the summer boredom.

Activity #1 is a Neighborhood Nature Walk. I placed this one early on because a) It doesn’t cost you anything and b) You might want to do this before it gets unbearably hot outside or save it for a day that isn’t unbearably hot.

The steps are easy. Go on a walk with your kids just around your neighborhood or close by and have them make observations about nature as you go. Easy, right? And they LOVE it.

At first my two oldest (R will be 6 this month and N is 4), just wanted to walk and to know where we were going. It reminded me of how destination oriented we always are. As a working mom, I’m constantly demanding they hurry. Get up! Get dressed! Find your shoes! We’re going to be late! It was refreshing for both me and them to take time to literally smell the roses. As we walked, I prompted them to observe. What do you see? What do you hear? Is that part of nature? Where do you think that comes from? What do you think they are doing?

The further we went, the more they noticed. Instead of running down the street, they noticed there were a lot of different trees that had all different shapes. They saw that some plants grew flowers and some did not. Some plants are sharp and some are soft. Then, they started asking their own questions. Are ants part of nature? Why do the birds keep coming back? Is the plant dead? What about these rocks, are they part of nature too?

A moment that I’m so sad I didn’t get in the video was when we came across a flock of birds in a nearby field and as N ran toward them, the whole flock took flight and went right over his head, it was beautiful.

So, take a walk today and let your kids explore all the things that live and grow in your neighborhood!

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