Summer Activities: Nature Walk Science Journal

Welcome to Day #2 of our 30 Summer Days with Kids Challenge. Yesterday, we took a Neighborhood Nature Walk and observed the nature we saw along the way. Today, we are going to follow this up with a science journal.

Hopefully, you took some pictures of all the things you saw living and growing in your neighborhood. Start today’s activity with showing your kids the pictures you took and talking about what they remember. Maybe make it into a little slideshow on your phone. Reviewing the information helps cement the ideas in long term memory and creates more neural pathways to that information.

Next, have your kids pick their favorite things they saw on the walk. Then have them draw a picture of what they saw and write a sentence or two about it (or tell you about it while you write if they are too young.) The key heee is not to overdirect them. Let it be their choice, their observation, and their artwork.

See you tomorrow!

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