Where are my Students?

Where are my Students? The school year has begun, and if you are an elementary school teacher, you are probably asking yourself one big question, “Where are my students?”   On your roster, you have 22 names.  The office assures you that you are responsible for each and every one.  However, as you gaze around your […]

How to Win the Teacher Evaluation Game

Here it comes! Evaluation time is here.  Even experienced teachers meet this time with dread.  Will your students perform well?  Will you get nervous and forget what to do?  Will the classroom take on an unfamiliar tone and ruin your carefully planned lesson?  There are just too many variables to tell.   Evaluations should really be […]

A STEAM Lesson for Home: Bugs, Butterflies, and Graphs

I’m back with more science at home fun. My daughter received at Play-doh “Make & Measure” set for her birthday and we got it out this morning. I have included an affiliate link for your convenience. <br /> A STEAM Lesson for Home This is a great set for ages 4-8. The kids made and […]